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How To Raise N10, 000 For FREE To Start-Up Your Football Betting On NairaBet Without Breaking a Sweat

How To Raise N10, 000 For FREE
To Start-Up
Your Football Betting On NairaBet Without Breaking a Sweat
...You Will Discover In This Special Report The Secrets That Have Been Jealously Guarded  From YouTo Cash Awoof Money...

From Toyin And Abba
11- march 2011

Dear Friend,
If you have the opprotunity to collect cash of N10, 000 free of charge to start your football betting, would you take it up?

What if you had someone who is more than willing to show you how to generate unlimited cash without you lifting a finger... I mean ... you don't have to break a sweat, would you jump at it?

What if you have to get this awoof of N10, 000 within a space of 7 Days... and you can repeat it as often as you want... would you give it a try?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I advise you to read this letter to end.
Let's face it...
There is nobody that would not want to know how to get something valuable for free especially when it comes to FREE money...N10, 000... for that matter. You see the essence of this letter is not to cajole or swindle you... or make a claim that is too good to be true to you... but to show in a simple way how you can start betting on NairaBet with a FREE N10, 000.
If you are interested in starting a football betting or maybe you are already doing it like I do... this report will definitely open your eyes to how easy you can increase your income in a way you have not thought of before now.
I need to let you in on one secret and that is: make huge sum of money from football betting you must have a good amount of money to start up.
It has been discovered that the bigger the money you start with on football betting, the bigger the profits you make in a short time.
But how many people can start with a good sum of cash?...
This is a fact that YOU and I can't ignore. This single factor is an obstacle preventing over 98% of interested people from start and making big money from football betting.
How do I know this?... 
You see... I see increasing number of people almost everyday in my seminars... and... I have been there before.
But that is not a problem to you any longer because I have got a smart way around solving that problem... thanks to the secrets revealed to me by a football betting expert who makes huge money on NairaBet with this ingenious tactics.
Also I have put to work the SIMPLE tactics to generate my first money on the football betting wedsite without placing any bet at all and...
 ...I generated N2, 000 my first attempt. Then got N8, 750 two days after the first attempt without any additional effort.
You see, I  got a over N10, 000 free within 3 days without work... and ... no sweat.
Therefore I have created a step by step special report to show you the secret tactics to use in raising a FREE N10, 000 or more.

In this report you will discover how:
  • How to generate or raise N10, 000 or more to start your football betting without lifting a finger.
  • The single most important thing you need to know to get this free money.
  • How to repeatedly generate FREE cash into your account with a "funny strategy" that will blow your mind away
  • How to use 2 unbreakable principles to perpetuate free money to keep pumping into your account non-stop
  • 7 Unique ways to ensure you get your money into your account like the experts do it... even me do the same
  • How to double the free money every 7 days flowing into your account... on... and ... on
  • And so much more that you will discover in this special report.
How else will you want to start anything without you having to sweat for it?
If you were given the opportunity to have the money you need to carry out or implement every project, business or plan you have ever thought of doing,.. won't you be better for it by now?...
You see we all love to get a head start in life about some crucial things and that's exactly what I am laying on your hands in this special report... that is... a great HEAD START...
 While others are looking for how to get or borrow money... whatever amount... to start their football betting, you already have FREE N10, 000 or more in less than 7 days from now without lifting a finger.
Think about that...
Does it make sense?...
I bet you will like this because I know you are not a dummy.

So be that as it is, how much does this valuable special report go for?

There is nothing to beat around the bush about the price because the value of what you are getting is as the special report claims... which is N10, 000.

But it won't go for that N10, 000 because I want you to immediately start on a good level with your football betting by allowing you to take it for a one time price of [price] only.
Yes that's [price], you read it right.
If you think you don't want the FREE N10, 000 because you have enough already to start your football betting then you can ignore this offer.
But if not... I believe you know a good opportunity when you see one... abi?
So pay [price] into any [bank name] branch
Account Name: Abba Eze Oche Elijah
Account no:
After payment, send the teller no, amount paid, email to [your email address]
I will send the report to you upon payment confirmation within 24 hours.
I want you to be smart to take up this offer as it will not be available for long.
See you at the top, I wish you a profitable football betting.

Yours sincerely,
Abba Elijah

PS- In this special report, you will discover how to withdraw the FREE
N10, 000 into you bank account without placing football bets at all
. That's even if you don't want to bet at all.
PSS- It can't be any other way easier to get FREE money without working for it. So you need to get your own copy of this special report now... or else... you are leaving awoof money for others to enjoy.

How To Collect ATM, Credit Cards, PayPal Payments On Your Website Here In Nigeria

How To Collect ATM, Credit Cards, PayPal Payments On Your Website Here In Nigeria
...You Don't have To Pay an Arm And a Leg... And... You Don't Have To Go Through The Back Door Anymore...

From Toyin And Abba
11 March 2011

Dear Friend,
If there is ONE reason why online business is very sweet... it is AUTOMATION.
Why is this so?...
It is really sweet when you can setup an internet business and leave it to run all by itself.
...but since internet business started in Nigeria, the automation of a system has not been possible for those selling electronic products such as ebooks, etc... you would have to do everything almost manually.
For examople you would collect payments via the bank locally and would even have to check your bank for payment details before you would now take pains to go ahead and send the product to the buyer.
That's homefront.
Now coming to the international market...

There is absolute no chance to receive payments from the outside world.

This is so frustrating... must have experienced the hardship when you need at one time or the other to collect credit card payments and especially paypal payments from buyers outside Nigeria.
It is always like an unsurmountable mountain to climb for every "would be" online marketers and even the experienced counterparts in Nigeria.
Truth be told here...

...untold numbers of Nigerians' hopes have beed dashed simply because the almighty paypal cancel and closes accounts of many Nigerians without any prior warning or notice due to their claim of illegal account opening.

For instance... you know of course that many of the owners of these accounts have  their "hard earned" money witheld by PayPal... maybe you too have been axed by paypal before.
In fact, there are so many things that I don't want to go deep down into them right now. And even to receive simple payments with common credit/debit cards that's as common as "pure water" in the US... is impossible in Nigeria.

You would agree with me that it is a painful thing... and... it has been like a dark tunnel with no sign of a ray of light at its end.

I will now tell you that...'s no longer so, because there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel and the bright light has come to stay...
Here is the good news about the bright light...
The final solution has been provided for you to collect ATMs, CreditDebit Cards and PayPal payments on your website without you going through the back door and without breaking an arm and a leg to get this done any more.

Maybe you don't know how excited I was when I first got to know this information about this much awaited breakthrough.

I am an internet marketer who is determined to make money not only in Nigeria but globally and I have been denied so many times in achieving the dream of being global in this business by this single goliath of a problem.

This may probably be your own challenge too... if not... you won't be on this page in the first place reading about how to collect ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards and Paypal payments on your website.

Can you now see why I was so excited to get that dream realised.

The same way, you can now extend your reach to the BIG market out there... I mean... the global market where the big chunk of the internet business money is.

This you can achieve without anybody trying to dupe or swindle by claiming to open any of these needed online payments for you any more.

If you have ever dreamt of making hard currency (dollars) like the American marketers do ...and...even like I do... then you can do so now at the click of a button.
This is made possible by the information that you will be open up to in this special report in a few minutes from now.
In this report, you wil discover:
  • How to integrate the ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards, and PayPal payments processor on your website
  • How to successfully collect payments online from international markets in 3 Simple Steps
  • How you can set-up your payments processor in 5 minutes and nothin more
  • How to upgrade your own products on an affiliate program with all the payment processors doing the difficult and dirty work on your behalf... while you don't have to worry about anything at all
  • How to use the secured page for your payments collection... without any fear or threats from hackers
  • How to withdraw your money into your bank account here in Nigeria within 24 hours or less
  • How to convert your payments in dollars into naira in less than 60 seconds
  • How to list your products and automate the marketing of your products without you being there... while money keeps pumping into your account even if is 12:05 AM
  • And so many more that you will get in this special report.
But how do you get all these done?...

Don't worry...because... that is what this report is all about.
This report is not about how to design your website or anything like that...
...It is focused only on how to integrate your website with ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal automatic payment systems...
This special report will show in a picture format a step by step way to go about making your website to collect ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal payments and it is a do-it-yourself-kind-of-report.
Also you don't have to bug yourself about any programming or technical work.
However you may have to get this special report right now in order to get the clear view of the simple pratical steps it.

As a matter of fact... and... for profits, you can even go further by doing this for other people for a small fortune because there are so many people that will be ready to give you money for this much needed service.
So what is this special report going for?...
The price for this product is just only [put price].
Alright, I need to tell you at this point that this product is only available for 27 people and once that number is picked then you can be sure you won't have access to the special report.
In order for you to be among the lucky 27 people right now, you will have to take out your wallet or reach down to your pocket... and rush to any [your bank here] branch and pay N1,000:
Account Name:Abba Eze Oche Elijah
Account No:013 106 0011176

Send an SMS to 07032759234 with your teller no, amount paid  and your email address after payment.

Upon confirmation, your report will be sent to you within 24 hours.

The need for you to break into the international markets has now become easier than you can imagine. There has been a permanent termination of the stress associated with the collection of payments locally and internationally, so you can be sure to put this dirty and stressfull on automation.
So what are you still waiting for?...

You've got to get your copy right before other people beat you to it.

I am actually happy and comfortably collecting my payments form my buyers anywhere in the world without ay hassles... and... so can you too.
I will be expecting your email for payment.
I wish you success in your online business.
Yours sincerely,
Abba Elijah

PS- Imagine YOU setting up your website to collect payments on your behalf like a tireless cashier even if 1000 buyers are paying at the same time... and ... even if they are paying at 1:00 AM when you are probably snoring...
PSS- This special report is made available to only 27 smart people and after that there is no more consideration whatsoever. So go get your own report and lauch out your business out into the international markets.
How To Pull In N107K/Month Straight From Nairaland
Without Being Banned

NOTICE:  You Will Also Discover How To Land Business Deals That Will Yield You Millions Of Naira Without Leaving Your Room...

From Toyin And Abba
11th of March 2011

Dear Friend,
Do you know that Nairaland is the single most biggest place online in Nigeria where you can make millions within months?
Do you know that there over 400,000 members on Nairaland who are in one dire need or the other looking for solutions to their needs?
Have you ever been to Nairaland and tried to market or sell to people before... and... WHAM! you get banned without any warning?...
How many times have you tried to find your way back illegally just to take advantage of the BIG market on Nairaland and you get SLAPPED!... banned again?
You see there is no need for you to struggle ignorantly any longer.
If you are probably new or not heard about Nairaland before, it is the biggest online forum with over 400,000 members and with an average of 4,000 members actively participating everyday.
What does this mean?...
It means Nairaland is a goldmine waiting to be explored by YOU.
Why is it Nairaland such a goldmine of insane profits?...
Apart from the high population there is on Nairaland, you have access to various kinds of segment or areas of making money that cuts across "properties" to "Information Technology" to "Online Business" to mention just a few.
You see, this areas where a few smart people have made unbelievable amount of money from various legal deals and businesses without necessarily meeting with themselves physically in an office but strictly online.
This sound very good!... Abi?...
Yeah it is...
...but something unpleasant happens to innocent... or should I say... sincerely ignorant people on Nairaland...
That is... they get merciless cut off... that is... BANNED... from making their own share of the huge millions flowing on this forum.
What is even the most painful is that these people... may be YOU too... sincerely went to do legal and honest deals/businesses but... ignorantly didn't do it right and you get slapped out of the forum.
Eventually, frustration and bitterness set in... and... you were fed by the "nonsense too strictness" of the forum administrators.
You see you may never know what you did wrong and you even tried to make complaints but you were no longer allowed.
I know exactly the pains you are feeling because I too have been banned like over 10 times on Nairaland.
But much more than that I have bounced back to learn the hard way...

"how to really and correctly sell, make deals and do business on Nairaland without getting banned".

In fact, I now make over N107K/Month on Nairaland selling information, and doing other cool and profitable business with other members of the forum.

Believe it or not Nairaland is very rich and just any dummy can make a fortune from the community.
I am writing this letter for one purpose and that is to help you make money on Nairaland consistently and to show you "how to go about this without being banned" like you have experienced before.
Therefore I have written a loaded ebook titled "How To Pull In N107K/Month Straight From Nairaland Without Being Banned".

In this book you will discover:
  • How to position yourself as an "authority" on Nairaland
  • How to avoid the slap and ban on Nairaland... you know that if you get banned you won't make a kobo
  • How any "dummy" can make money on Nairaland without going against the rules of the forum
  • How to secretly and quietly start making HUGE profits on Nairaland non-stop
  • ONE major thing you must do to make the most profits any time on Nairaland... you can't afford not to get this one secret... it will tell the difference between you and the ignorant ones
  • How to sell anything to any body on Nairaland
  • 2 powerful ways to get and sell HOT products to thousands of desperate people on Nairaland
  • The "ONE EXTRA BIG" way to make "millions"  of naira on Nairaland... this one revelation will make you a millionaire... guaranteed!
  • How to become a certified and respected dealer that rich clients are scrambling to do business with on Nairaland
  • The biggest hidden place to make millions monthly on Nairaland without spending a kobo
  • 4 steps to get rid of any unwanted elements that can "UNDERMINE" business deals on Nairaland
  • True life story of an ordinary guy who made a whooping N400K with a smart move on Nairaland... and... how you can make several of this move in few days from now
  • 2 words that will fetch you money consistently... until you get tired of making money... make use of these 2 words and you will be made for life
  • And many more that you will get in this ebook...
In fact, I can't over-emphasise the several opportunities to make money on Nairaland.
Do you know that wherever there is people , there is money?
You see, you don't have to rack your brain too much to know what you can sell or what business you can do on Nairaland. There is a supply of things you can sell and business deals to do without leaving your room or meeting with anybody physically.
Do you want to be one of the 21st century business men?
Do you want to make money... I mean... serious money at your leisure time?
If yes is your answer, then, you need to get this ebook that reveals how to make use of the Nairaland community and how to make N107K monthly without getting banned.
This book is going for only N1,000
So what are you waiting for?
Pay N1000 into any Diamon Bank Branch
Account Name:013 106 0011176
Account No:Abba Eze Oche Elijah

Send an email to or +2347032759234 including your teller no, amount paid,email address.

I want to believe that you are a smart person and you can take advantage of good opportunity when you see one like this.
Also know that this is not going to be on forever and I have the right to remove this page anytime I like.
So go pay for your own copy now.

Yours sincerely,
Abba Elijah

PS- Why do you have to go through the back door again when you know that you will soon be slapped and banned by Nairaland?
You can put an end to this unending ban by reading this ebook "How To Pull In N107K/Month Straight From Nairaland Without Being Banned" go get it now.

PSS- If you really want to make business deals that will yield you millions of naira on Nairaland, then you need to do so now and pay to get your own copy of this loaded ebook

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